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Tap Emerging Markets Via German Stocks: Investor

Investors looking to benefit from emerging market growth should buy German export stocks, Matthias Born, portfolio manager at Allianz Global Investors, told CNBC Wednesday.

Tap Emerging Growth Via the West

"Emerging markets are still growing at high levels and I would still look at countries in the Western world that benefit clearly from emerging market growth," Born said.

"The place to be in the Western world, in my view still is Germany," he said.

Germany has been ramping up its exports to countries like China and the trend looks set to continue, according to Born.

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Robert Parker, senior advisor at Credit Suisse Asset Management, agreed with Born's outlook and is positive on German exporters. 

"Structurally, one has to be long the German capital goods companies, the German companies that are building infrastructure, the exporters," Parker said.

However, the German consumer is not looking as positive and companies focused on domestic demand should be avoided, he added.

"Domestic consumer companies, frankly I don't see any strong chance of recovery there," he said.

Born agreed that the German consumer could be stronger, but said it doesn't impact the positive outlook for German exporters.

"Overall I think that's not very important for a lot of German companies. Germany was always an export country, that's not new," he said.

China will become the biggest export partner of Germany in the next two or three years, taking over from France, Born predicted.

Born admitted that there is a slight risk of China's economy being disrupted by market bubbles, which could impact German exporters. But because the Chinese government has made firm steps to counter bubbles, he sees that as unlikely.