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Unilever’s Emerging Footprint


With almost 6 billion people living in the developing and emerging world, the opportunity for expansion look very promising for consumer goods giant Unilever .

Its top brands – Dove, Sunsilk, Ben & Jerry’s, Surf and Cif – are household names in most countries, while its products are sold in more than 170 countries worldwide.

For Unilever, emerging markets already account for 50% of its revenues.

Manvinder Singh Banga is the company’s President of Food, Home & Personal Care.

In an interview with Closing Bell, Banga explained that because Unilever’s products “are all about everyday living,” emerging markets represent huge opportunity for the company.

Going Global

Banga sees the developing and emerging countries adding one billion people over the next decade. Aside from just the sheer numbers, he said “they will get to earn more and consume more.”

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Liza Tan contributed to this article. 



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