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Video-Game Stocks to Break Out?


Cramer started Thursday’s Mad Mail with a note from Diana, who wanted to know what was wrong with Walmart . Cramer explained that this stock works better in tough economic times, not when the economy’s getting better, such as now. Investors who want a cyclical play to ride the market back up, he said, should consider Intel instead.

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Also, Richard in Pennsylvania asked about WellPoint , which Cramer likened to Walmart. He thinks the company’s about to report a “monster” quarter, “but nobody cares right now” because it’s the wrong point in the cycle to own these kinds of stocks. Investors was growth, not consistency, right now.

Sergio, who’d taken some profits on Apple at $235, had a question about the best way to play the stock. Cramer cautioned him to not buy again under AAPL dipped below that level. And Sergio could get the chance if the Street dislikes Apple’s earnings or some related company causes this area of tech to sink lower. Whatever you do, though, Cramer said, “Do not rush to get back in.”

Video games are another trendy discretionary product, said Arthur in the Adirondacks, and they’ve lagged the market. But with Activision Blizzard raising guidance for the year, he wanted to know if the stock would break out. Not at all, Cramer said. The only stock in this group he’ll recommend right now is Electronic Arts, for its breakup value and its exposure to social-media games. He called it “the next very big thing.”

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