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Investors Beware—But Don't Miss 'Great Things' in This Market staff

As the SEC's fraud accusation against Goldman Sachs unfolds, some investors are more confused than ever.

But Kelly Campbell, chief investment officer of fixed income at Campbell Wealth Management and Jeff Hussey of Russell Investment Group still see "great things" in the current market.

The Goldman news "does reinforce the idea of a 'buyer beware' mentality—which is appropriate and necessary," Hussey told CNBC.

Is Your Money Safe?

He explained that "a lot" of the complex and troubled financial products that have been sold "are not appropriate for your everyday, household consumer."

Is this wary mentality keeping people out of the market? Not according to Hussey, who sees investors simply being more careful. They are flocking to "trusted fiduciary" figures with "good track records to manage their money on their behalf."

"Bond fund flows were tremendous last year," as cautious investors sought to keep their money active in mutual funds, he added.

One of the worst side-effects of the ongoing Goldman tale is groundless suspicion against largely ethical fiduciaries, according to Campbell.

"This is another [psychological] blow against Wall Street that's going to make investors wonder, 'is my guy doing the right thing?' And that's sad."

"Is it a reason to get out of the market? Absolutely not. There's a lot of work to be done in the market, there's a lot of great things in the market now."

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