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I Am Done With Dendreon


My last day at CNBC is May 7th. I've decided to make a career change.

Because my next act will include working within the health care sector, to avoid even the appearance of a conflict in my remaining days here at CNBC, I won't be blogging or reporting anymore about stock-related stories on my previous beat. 

So, yes, that means I won't be able to report on the next chapter in the Dendreon saga. The FDA is scheduled to decide on or before May 1st whether to approve the biotech's prostate cancer treatment. 

I've probably been covering Dendrama longer than any other story I've reported on in my eight years or so following biopharma.  And it's certainly been my favorite...not the drug, the company, or the stock, mind you...but the story.

My colleague Bertha Coombs, who you can follow on , and my producer, Ruth, will stay on top of the news.  I'll be watching and, sure, wishing I were covering the culmination of a story I've owned—at least on TV—for so long.  Dendreonian conspiracy theorists should not read anything into this.  It's simply a matter of timing and ethics.

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