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This Investment Firm Has 'Lots of Upside Room'

Markets rose on Friday after fluctuating in a tight range throughout the session after a weak open on Friday. How should investors be positioned going forward? Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions and CNBC market analyst and Richard Regan, founder and managing partner at shared their insights.

“The reason why the Dow is rallying is internal factors,” Regan told CNBC. “We’re seeing improvement in earnings and economy—everything except jobs number is getting much better so it’s giving some benefit to this rally and that’s why we continue higher.”

Regan advised investors to be “long” the S&P Futures.

“We’ve seen nothing but buying coming in—even when sellers come in, there are huge buy programs that come into meet it,” he explained. “The Goldman [Sachs] news hardly put a dent into the market so I’m a buyer of the S&P futures.”

In the meantime, Costa said he is still bearish on the markets.

“A lot of money is coming into the market—they’re getting out of Europe and coming into the U.S.,” he said. “To me, that’s not a way to invest.”

Costa said he likes investment firm BlackRock and suggested investors buy the stock ahead of the firm's earnings next Monday.

“When they took over Barclay’s asset management, that was a great move for them,” he said of BlackRock. “There’s a lot of room on the upside for that company.”

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