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Sell in May, Go Away This Year?


Monday's Mad Mail started with a note from Sam in Arizona, who wanted to know if Cramer had given TJX's HomeGoods stores their due. Cramer cited HomeGoods as one of the many reasons he likes TJX so much, calling it a "inexpensive but high-quality Crate & Barrel."

Mad Mail

Bahman meanwhile wanted to know if the old adage "Sell in May, and go away" would hold true this year, especially in terms of technology stocks. Cramer said he didn't think so, not considering the statements from SanDisk on its most recent conference call. Most of the products that are selling right now didn't exist 18 months ago, Cramer said, so, "I think that it's not going to be seasonal--it's secular."

Karrin in California wondered why Permian Basin Royalty Trust could be at its 52-week high, pay out a healthy monthly dividend but still register such low trading volume. Cramer told her not to worry about the volume and "just hold on" to the stock.

Lastly, Scott in Wisconsin asked Cramer what he should do with his Qwest Communications shares now that CenturyTel was buying the company. Cramer urged him to cash out. "I think the upside [in Qwest] is done," Cramer said.

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