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The $1000 Jeans


Remember when denim jeans were a working man's wardrobe? Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache changed all that over 30 years ago ("You've got the look I want to know better...."). But it hasn't been until the last few years that expensive jeans went from $80 to $280.

Now the price is nearing $1,000.

Resurrection Jeans
Source: Hudson Jeans

Hudson Jeans is creating a limited line of high end, one of a kind jeans called Resurrection.

They're reportedly manufacturing only 120 pairs for $995 each.

Let's see, $995 x 120 pairs=$119,400.

For recycling leftover samples.

That's not ridiculous. That is brilliant.

Luxist reportsthe jeans are all handmade from swatches of "past samples and vintage Hudsons", and no two are alike.

Some pairs may have pockets in strange places, others will have a lot of zippers.

Why buy one pair of jeans for the price of 30 Levi's?

Because you can.

But do these jeans make my wallet look fat?

Luxist spoke with Ben Taverniti, who designed the Resurrection line, "who has been creating couture pieces featured in the likes of French Vogue since age 19."

When Taverniti was asked to give advice on how to look "hot" in jeans, he replied, "Jeans do not make make the jeans...Style should be fearless and confident."

Easy for him to say. He wears skinny jeans.

Geez, for $995, the jeans should make me skinny.

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