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Celgene Seems Sick—Why?


During round two of Mad Mail this week, Cramer explained why a great stock like Celgene continues to decline in share price. What we’re seeing is a “huge, huge pullback of everything health care” as investors seek out cyclical names to take advantage of the rebounding economy. But this “does not pertain to Celgene” itself, Cramer told Craig in Orlando. It’s just the typical shift in capital from one sector to another.

Mad Mail

Believe it or not, “Anonymous” wanted to know why Cramer highlighted Schlumberger and Weatherford International as solid drilling plays but not Halliburton . Cramer said Weatherford was a similar but smaller company than Schlumberger, and that’s why he focused on it. But that doesn’t mean he dislikes HAL. He said the company’s latest quarter was “terrific,” and that management was “more bullish than I’ve heard them in years.”

Lastly, Ansy asked Cramer for his opinion on Caterpillar . She thinks the global economy will continue to improve and the company is positioned well internationally. “If you feel that way, then I would not sell the stock,” Cramer said. “I think CAT could have a multiyear move.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns Weatherford International.

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