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Who Loves Their Cars Longer, Men or Women?


Cars don't leave you. They don't step out on you. They don't tell you they have to work late, only to spend the night in someone else's garage. 

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Maybe that's why women are more committed to their cars than men are. ?

LeaseTrader , which helps people sell their leases so they can dump cars they no longer love, has done a survey of 2,500 customers.

"Women are three times more likely to stay in love longer with their car compared to men," the company says. ?

For men, the honeymoon usually ends after four months.

The first sign it's over—when he starts parking close to other cars. Women don't even mention that. And that is what I found most interesting about the survey—the gender differences in recognizing the love is gone. ?

For men, besides the 33 percent who say the honeymoon is over when they start parking around other cars, 22 percent say it's over when they start carrying sports gear in the back seat, 17 percent when they stop cleaning the car often, 12 percent when high payments start to irritate them, seven percent when they stop using the gas mileage button (that's a sign it's over??), and three percent say the honeymoon is over when they stop fighting with loved ones over who drives on long trips. ?

In contrast, LeaseTrader says the number one reason women cite as showing their auto-erotic affair is over is finally letting a spouse drive the car (39 percent). Coming in second, letting other kids ride in the car in a carpool (24 percent), followed by eating in the car (12 percent), putting makeup on while driving (nine percent), leaving clothes in the car (six percent), and smoking in the car (two percent). ?

Men don't mention eating or smoking. Women don't talk about the gas mileage button or irritating payments. But perhaps the greatest signal that Men are from Porsche, Women are from Volkswagen, is the way the two genders view giving up control of the wheel. For men, letting someone else drive is the last sign they no longer love their cars. For women, it's the first sign. Maybe that, in the end, is why women love their cars longer. Women know their cars WANT them to be in control.

In a car, a woman can always be in the driver's seat.

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