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Why You Should Buy Nike Before Wednesday


Cramer wouldn’t normally tell viewers to buy a stock immediately after his recommendation – the typical waiting period it five days – but he’s making an exception for Nike. His favorite shoe seller holds its investor day on Wednesday, and he wants you in ahead of it.

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Turns out, according to Goldman Sachsresearch, that Nike tends to add 1% on the day of its meetings and then another 3% in the two weeks afterwards. Cramer called these investor days “hugely bullish affairs,” and he’s expecting another one in a couple of days.

This is when Nike will be able to boast of its strong earnings, growing gross margins, lean inventories and all-important futures orders. And Cramer also expects to hear about the company’s booming international business, especially its China expansion plans, as well as next month’s World Cup, where Nike is sponsoring nine teams. And investors may find out what management has planned for that $7 a share in net cash on the balance sheets.

These are just a few of the reasons Cramer is so bullish on NKE, so you should watch the video for his full report. One caveat before buying, though: While Cramer likes the stock ahead of Wednesday’s meeting, there is one situation where you shouldn’t dive in: if today’s big move in Nike is followed by another one on Tuesday.

That would mean investors might take profits regardless of how positive the investor day is for this company. If that’s the case, Cramer said, then just wait for the pullback before starting your position.

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