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One-On-One With Nike's Charlie Denson

Nike is holding its first investor conference in three years and they've announced some pretty startling numbers.

Most notably, they've said that their new revenue target for 2015 is $27 billion. We interviewed Nike Brand President Charlie Denson on a variety of topics. (Latest NIKE quote:  .)

On the World Cup: "It has been out biggest single event and campaign worldwide. We're excited about what we're doing this year in South Africa....It's our biggest footprint at the World Cup ever."

On the future of Tiger and Nike: "It's great to see him back on the golf course and great to see him pursuing Jack Nicklaus record...As he continues to get back into his routine on the golf course, we'll look at how we use him in the future with the Nike Golf brand."

On the status of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: "He continues to be a Nike athlete and part of the Nike family."

On how the euro's decline could affect revenues: "The fact is that we're doing much more business outside the US today (65 percent) than we're doing inside. Currency has an affect on the overall result. We have a very sophisticated approach to it and I think it's not something we control, but it's certainly something we have to deal with."

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