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5 'Cable' Stocks You Should Watch

Despite excellent numbers from Cablevision, all the cable providers are down sharply today on news that the FCC will attempt to take a strong regulatory role in the broadband world.

At issue is the ability of broadband providers (cable companies) to be able to use tier pricing and favor certain content providers.

These are the early days for the proposal and there is much yet to learn and many questions yet to be asked and answered. But for now, the reaction of investors is to sell now and ask those questions later.

Here are my top five cable stocks to watch:

1. Cablevision

2. Comcast Holdings

3. Verizon Communications

4. AT&T

5. Time Warner Cable


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Stock Watch:


Disclosure: Comcast has agreed to buy 51% of NBC Universal, which includes CNBC, from General Electric and is awaiting regulatory approval for the acquisition.

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