Funny Business with Jane Wells

“I Survived the Crash of 2:45 PM”


Things move very quickly these days. None more quickly than the stock market insanity which took place around 2:45 pm Thursday.

It was a hellacious few minutes where fortunes may have been lost...and won. Imagine you bought Apple at $199.25 and then made more than 20 percent on your money. That really is fast money.

Just as quickly, we saw efforts to capitalize on the market roller coaster. Within an hour, T-shirts marking the event were online for sale.

"I survived the crash of 2:45 pm" says a shirt offered for sale by StockTwits for $16.95.

Unlike the market debacle of September 29, 2008 or October 19, 2007, this new crisis doesn't even need to be remembered by an entire 24-hour day. Just the moment it happened. If you blinked, you missed it. But those of us who watched weren't blinking.

Or breathing

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