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Pants-Free Workplace?


Friday is No Pants Day.

I'm sure you knew that, right?

Neither did I.

Apparently, the first Friday in May is ALWAYS No Pants Day(or "No Trousers Day" in the UK, as pants means "panties" across the pond). The event even has its own Wikipedia entry.

Time to short...long...trousers.

The fight to go pants-free has been building for some time. No Pants Day has been celebrated in Austin, Texas for over a decade. Last year, someone set up a We Hate Pants web site"dedicated to fighting the staggeringly tragic war against pants."

The staggeringly hilarious fight even went to the subways of New York in January, where pants supporters and opponents faced off on a platform. "Take them off! Take them off!" screamed a crowd of young men who, well, had taken their pants off. One of them added, "If you are wearing pants, the terrorists have won!"

Well, we can't let the terrorists win.

If you decide to participate in No Pants Day on Friday, please send me photos to .

Remember, however, that this blog is supposed to be family friendly. I, as a journalist, cannot actually endorse the event by participating, but I am happy to report the results.

I predict that 90 percent of the people who will participate in No Pants Day will be guys. Women can already go pants-free — by wearing what's called a skirt.

And speaking of the differences between men and women, here's a little Funny Business extra: The Marriage Blanket! You have to see it to believe it. Note that it always seems to be the guy who gets blamed for "letting loose".

Maybe you can wrap one of these around yourself at work to cover up the fact that you're not wearing pants.

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