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ACT Clean Technologies Releases Technology Specs for Green Chemical Solution to BP Oil Spill Remediation


NEW ORLEANS, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ACLH) ( released the specifications of the Company's environmentally safe, EPA approved solution for their patented fluids designed to not only effectively remove oil sludge from water and ship's hulls, but also to increase oil production from existing wells that have experienced production declines over time. Russell Kidder, CEO of ACT, explained the Company's core product, "Our water-based, green fluid solution causes the separation of oil from hard surfaces, allowing the oil and sludge to be quickly and economically removed, without the concern of chemical residues present in the methods that are currently being used to treat oil spills, sludge removal and oil waste. This process will allow us to remove oil from hulls with much greater efficiency and lower cost than other technology available today, and even allows the recovery of oil which may then be resold and improve the overall economics of the process." Specifications The APS fluidizer is a patented water-based technology that provides for separation of oil from any solid surface such as soil, sand, tank interiors, and equipment. Unlike soap and surfactants, which form tight emulsion between oil and water, the fluidizer allows oil to be rejected by the solid surface, rendering a clean surface and recoverable oil. In the case of contaminated soils or tank bottom sludge, the fluidizer is applied under high shear conditions to form a slurry. This slurry is then pumped to a settling vessel where the solids, are separated, dropped by gravity to the bottom of the settling vessel, and the oil floats to the top of the water-based fluidizer layer, for recovery. The fluidizer is then recycled for later use.

Cost Benefits Our fluidizer's approach to liquefying, and removing solidified crude oil sludge, offers significant cost savings and added value, when compared to standard industry methods. Our fluidizer technology only increases the total volume of the waste material by approximately 15%-25% of the original volume as compared to a 300% plus increase generated by standard methods. Our fluidizer allows waste oil sludge to be processed at the clean-up site, reclaiming the viable oil for further refining, or use as a valuable salable product instead of a costly hazardous waste.

About ACT Clean Technologies, Inc.

ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. is committed to both a safer environment through cleaner technologies as well as more profitable methods of oil recovery and production from oil sands and other petroleum reserves. Previous APS clients using its technologies have already included some of the largest oil and gas companies in the US, including Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, Avon Petroleum, Valero Petroleum, BP (British Petroleum) as well as the US Navy Petroleum Reserve.

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