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Altech-Eco Receives World's First EPA Certification for Its 2010 Ford Fusion Bi-Fueled and Dedicated CNG Conversion System Buyers Qualify for $4,000 Tax Credit with Purchase


ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In connection with the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference in Las Vegas this week, Altech-Eco Corporation of Asheville, North Carolina separately announced today that they have obtained the world's first and only Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the EPA for their 2010 Ford Fusion passenger sedan CNG conversion system. This Fusion can operate entirely on natural gas (Dedicated), or they can operate as a Bi-Fueled version, which enables the vehicle to operate on either natural gas (CNG), or on gasoline, with just the simple press of a dashboard button to instantly switch the fuels, with a driving range over 700 miles on a single fill-up.

The EPA has also issued Altech-Eco another Certification for its Ford Fusion conversion system for the "Dedicated" version, meaning the vehicle operates only on CNG. Buyers of this version can qualify for a $4,000 Federal Tax Credit, upon purchase.

A Bi-Fueled natural gas conversion for the Fusion allows users to take advantage of using natural gas as a cleaner burning and more economical alternative fuel when available, but also allows them the added advantage of switching to gasoline when necessary, with just the mere push of a button. "Every Federal, State and local municipality needs to save money on fuel, along with the business community, and the Ford Fusion powered by CNG is the perfect solution for them, so we're proud to be the first to have received the EPA Bi-Fuel conversion system certification for one of the best driving automobiles in the world", said Miles George, VP of Altech-Eco. "You can easily see why the Fusion is one of America's most favorite cars, and for companies buying our Dedicated 100% all CNG version, they can receive a $4,000 Federal Tax Credit, and tell the world that they are a 'Green Company' as well" said George.

Altech-Eco's EPA approved CNG technology is Certified without drilling into the engine manifold, something most competitors do with varying degrees of success, which is a procedure frowned upon by manufacturers. "Why drill holes into a brand new luxury car engine, using old technologies, when our revolutionary technology is here now, and the EPA approval is already in our hand?", asked George. "Companies want to be 'Green', so here is their chance", he stated.

Altech-Eco provides a lifetime warranty on all conversion system emissions components. Conversion systems available at select participating Ford dealerships and approved aftermarket conversion facilities.

In addition to the 2010 Fusion CNG conversion EPA certifications, Altech-Eco has also received EPA certifications this year for the Ford Transit Connect, the Ford F-250 and F-350, the Mercury Milan, and the Ford Focus. These are all 2010 models, making Altech-Eco one of the most received 2010 natural gas conversion system EPA certifications, worldwide.

Altech-Eco is a division of privately held TransEco Energy of Asheville, North Carolina and is not yet publicly traded. Contact Altech-Eco at 828-654-8300 for more information or visit Altech-Eco Conversion Systems are produced by Altech-Eco exclusively and are not a Ford Motor Company manufactured product.

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