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Himfr Analyzes China's Foreign Trade E-Commerce Development Trend


BEIJING, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, analyzes China's foreign trade e-commerce development trend.

The 2010 global economic recovery signs are obvious. Looking back over the past year, we can remember those foreign small and medium enterprises that have fallen in the crisis. While foreign trade suffered heavy losses, China's foreign trade e-commerce showed an active trend.

What's the new direction for China's foreign trade e-commerce? Himfr's analysis shows the following: From the first of several e-commerce market monopolies of foreign trade patterns to more and more companies setting up foreign trade e-commerce, China's foreign trade e-commerce market has developed from one of exploration to one of high-speed growth.

Some foreign trade e-commerce websites create small order wholesale trade. For example: foreign trade e-commerce does not takes membership fees for domestic medium and small producers, they only need supply product pictures, product information and wholesale prices. The websites offer a unified product profile, on-line maintenance and overseas sales promotion, and after reaching a transaction agreement, the website will make the orders to domestic suppliers.

Delivery does not need not be concerned with international logistics and export issues.

Then, there are foreign trade e-commerce sites that do not collect membership fees, but require the companies to upload their company information themselves, and undertake website maintenance by themselves. After transactions, these foreign trade websites will charge 5%-15% commissions from buyers or sellers.

As for Alibaba, the website for domestic and international trade buyers and sellers provides a platform for their post supply and demand information, but buyers and sellers must pay membership fees, no matter whether the deal is successful.

No matter what mode of e-commerce, China's foreign trade market has changed from the collection of membership fees to pay-by-transaction, from simple information platforms to become more effective and flexible trading platforms. There is no doubt that China's export business, adds additional new ideas.

According to Himfr's data, online sales continue to rise, with e-commerce growth keeping a steady 15%-20% rise, accounting for 5% of total retail sales. When business investment has become optimistic again, China's foreign trade e- commerce will inevitably bring high popularity, but also have more opportunities for profitable investment.

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