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New Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe Now Available for Mac Users Multi-Use Software Combines Dozens of Useful Operations in One Affordable Package to Easily Organize Files, Reduce Clutter and Uninstall Unwanted Applications


ALISO VIEJO, Calif., May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Smith Micro Software, Inc.

(NASDAQ: SMSI) Productivity and Graphics Group today announced the release of Spring Cleaning(R) 11 Deluxe for Macintosh, a comprehensive suite of utility tools packed into one solution to keep Mac computers running like new. Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe enables users to easily clean up, optimize and maintain their Macs with user-friendly tools that organize files, reduce clutter and completely uninstall unwanted applications.

With the growing number of files and applications downloaded and stored on consumers' hard drives, many people are looking to clean up their systems, but are unsure how to do so quickly and effectively. Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe makes maintaining your Mac simple, with enhanced search capabilities and an easy-to-use task-based interface that offers the ability to undo most actions.

Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe provides flexible and intuitive file management tools that give users comprehensive information on all system files, allowing anyone to easily back up data and schedule routine cleaning tasks.

Who Uses Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe? -- "Switchers" -- Users who have switched from PCs to Macs and want to continue performing the majority of their system management operations without the help of professionals.

-- Packrats -- Users who have large amounts of files clogging up their hard drives and are looking for a way to organize important documents and deleted unwanted files.

-- Mac Upgraders - Users who want to clean and back up their files before migrating to a new Mac.

-- Frustrated Macs - Users whose system repeatedly crashes or freezes, are plagued by error messages and experience lengthy delays when launching applications.

-- Novice Users -- Users who are uncomfortable using the Mac Terminal tools or downloading unknown shareware to take care of basic maintenance and cleaning tasks.

"Whether you are a new Mac convert learning how to manage your system or a packrat needing to clean up hundreds of duplicate files, Spring Cleaning makes maintaining your Mac easy," said Pauline Shumake, Senior Product Manager, Productivity and Graphics Group at Smith Micro Software, Inc. "Spring Cleaning is an industry trusted, all-in-one solution that provides anyone from first time to tech savvy users a more secure, organized and trouble-free computing experience." New Features and Benefits of Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe: -- NEW -- QuickBackup(TM) -- Enables users to run a simple back up of selected files, as well as monitor files so they are automatically backed up when modified.

-- NEW -- MagniFile(TM) -- Combines a file information viewer and disk usage monitor, which lets users quickly view dozens of properties in text or graph format.

-- NEW -- Improved Custom Search -- Helps users find what they are looking for by optimizing the search on two fronts: utilizing a Spring Cleaning custom file-based search or a Spotlight-based scan of the computer's contents.

-- NEW -- StuffIt Connect Integration -- Offers users the ability to safely and securely send files. By uploading selected files to the cloud, StuffIt Connect ensures that files are protected and can only be retrieved by the intended recipient.

-- NEW -- Video Tutorials -- Informative videos demonstrate the dozens of essential tools included in Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe.

Pricing and Availability: Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe is available for $49.99 from the Smith Micro web store at:, as well as at popular resellers, catalogs and distribution partners worldwide.

System Requirements: Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe requires Mac OS 10.4.11 or newer. Scripting requires Mac OS 10.5. Internet connection required for video tutorials.

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