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TwinStrata CloudArray Customers Achieve Agility and Efficiency Protecting and Managing Growth of Business Application Data Customers realize IT operational efficiency and improvements in cost controls with versatile storage infrastructure


BOSTON, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- BOSTON, May 10 /PRNewswire -- EMC World -- TwinStrata, Inc., a pioneer in the Cloud Storage Enablement software market, today announced new customer deployments of its flagship software solution, CloudArray(TM). CloudArray is the industry's first purpose-built architecture and software solution that enables Intelligent Storage Clouds to help mid-sized companies address challenges related to protecting and managing the growth of business application data. CloudArray customers are realizing many benefits from transitioning to an adaptable IT storage infrastructure including the ability to better map business objectives to IT, respond quickly to change in business environments, optimize IT operational efficiency, and improve IT cost controls.

"TwinStrata's intelligent storage cloud vision is powerful," said Steve Duplessie founder and senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Providing companies with enterprise-class storage services delivered via the cloud is exactly what is required for mass adoption by commercial IT shops." Companies leverage CloudArray for versatile storage infrastructure "With a growing virtual infrastructure, our storage needs changed. Our challenge wasn't having enough drive space to store our data, it was having enough hardware to host the physical drives," said, Alexander Straffin, NSK Inc., a leader in information technology consulting. "With our internal storage hardware approaching its calculated end of life, upgrades proved not to be fiscally prudent. Taking the acquisition cost and projected maintenance costs into consideration we found off-premise cloud storage had many advantages over traditional upgrade paths. With the purchase of CloudArray, we were able to create a versatile storage allocation infrastructure that has an impressive and intuitive set of administrative management tools and policies. Now we can allocate as much or as little storage as we need in minutes and CloudArray performs as if it were locally attached storage to our applications." "CloudArray has allowed RTI to easily connect cloud storage to our existing infrastructure in a manner that is familiar to our System Administrators and seamless to our end users," said Fred Huebner, Sr. Director of IT, RTI International, who is using CloudArray across dual cloud providers to increase data availability.

CloudArray features include cloud storage provider management across private and public storage clouds and Compute Anywhere(TM) technology that delivers business agility and increases data availability for business applications. It also features intelligent caching where cloud storage appears as native storage with the same characteristics and performance as existing local storage systems.

CloudArray is breakthrough cloud storage enablement software. It operates as a virtual appliance and supports all market-leading hypervisors: VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V. CloudArray also operates in the cloud supporting Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). Its architecture is designed specifically to add intelligence to cloud storage resulting in comprehensive cloud storage enablement with enterprise-class storage features. These features enable delivery of cost-effective and seamlessly managed cloud storage services optimized for performance, availability and elastic storage capacity.

CloudArray supports the following IT solutions: Data replication, backup/restore, data archiving, DR (Disaster Recovery), data & application mobility, data availability/security, and elastic capacity & compute.

Cloud Storage Provider Management Across Private and Public Storage Clouds TwinStrata continues to invest in its cloud storage ecosystem of partners and technologies. CloudArray provides the same compelling business solutions seamlessly across public and private clouds enabling companies to take advantage of on-demand, elastic storage infrastructure for each line-of-business.

CloudArray can replicate and move data across multiple cloud providers allowing companies higher availability and more flexibility when deciding on cloud storage vendors. CloudArray encryption in flight and at rest optimizes security while compression technologies minimize bandwidth and capacity requirements across providers. CloudArray currently supports public cloud storage providers AT&T Synaptic, Amazon Web Services, and Hosted Solutions. Private cloud providers include EMC Atmos, Mezeo and Eucalyptus. CloudArray also provides a choice of block-level interfaces or any network or local file system interface on a CloudArray volume.

Compute Anywhere Application Accessibility CloudArray's unique feature, Compute Anywhere, allows business applications instant accessibility to data volumes on-premise, off-premise and in the cloud.

CloudArray's zero-footprint snapshots can be accessed instantly, too. For DR, test and development, data distribution, and many other use-cases, business applications can mount CloudArray volumes and begin operating instantly.

Intelligent, Adaptive Caching CloudArray volumes appear as native storage to business applications with the same characteristics and performance as existing local storage systems, but reside in the cloud. Unique caching technology enables multiple simultaneous caches, each of which can be optimized for performance, availability or cost from any type of local storage including: NAS, SAN, DAS and SSD. Caches can be dedicated to specific business applications, to single volumes or can be shared across multiple volumes with dynamic sizing capability.

View videos providing an overview of CloudArray and on CloudArray snapshots.

Quick set up and simple management CloudArray is the first cloud storage enablement solution to make it simple for companies to set up and seamlessly integrate business applications with cloud storage. Companies simply download and install the CloudArray virtual appliance and are operational in a matter of minutes. CloudArray presents volumes via iSCSI or any industry standard file system.

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TwinStrata is a pioneer in the Cloud Storage Enablement (CSE) market with the industry's first purpose-built architecture and software solution to enable Intelligent Storage Clouds (ISC) - CloudArray software. ISC deliver simple, affordable and secure storage solutions to enterprise environments. CloudArray software addresses the business need for on-demand IT services, providing new levels of business agility, efficiency, IT alignment and cost management for protecting and managing the growth of business application data. For more information about TwinStrata and CloudArray software, please visit 2010. TwinStrata, Inc. All rights reserved. TwinStrata and the TwinStrata logo are registered trademarks of TwinStrata, Inc., CloudArray, "Compute Anywhere", "Secure, anywhere, anytime application accessibility", "Enabling the Intelligent Storage Cloud", are either trademarks or registered trademarks of TwinStrata, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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