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Damage to BP Already Priced Into Stock: Analyst

David Lariviere|Special to CNBC

Two analysts told CNBC Tuesday of their views on how investors can benefit from the weakening euro caused by the Greek debt crisis.

But Mark Hake, the president of Hake Investment Research, said investors should buy the stock of a beleagured British company. "I'm also very interested in British Petroleum," said Hake, using BP's former corporate name.

"I think a lot of the damage that's going to happen to the company in terms of cash flow after insurance is pretty much priced in to the stock at this point," Hake said.

Kevin Mahn, the chief investment officer of Hennion & Walsh, preferred exchange-traded funds and buying shorts.


Hake Likes:

Telefonica SA

Total SA

Credit Suisse


Mahn Likes:


Market Vectors Double Short Euro

Barclays iPath Euro/USD

iShares MSCI EMU Index  


CurrencyShares Euro Trust

Barclay's iPath Euro/USD

WisdomTree Dreyfus Euro

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Disclosure information was not available for Hake, Mahn or their companies.