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Mad Mail: Verizon iPhone Won’t Hurt AT&T?

Drew Sandholm

As it stands now, those wishing to purchase an iPhone have no choice in service providers – it is AT&T or nothing.

In turn, the wildly successful Apple product has been a boon for AT&T, and another iteration, the iPhone 4G, is expected to be released in June. But with all the buzz about a VerizoniPhone coming this summer, Mike asked Cramer if fears over AT&T losing market share or its reliance on the iPhone period is enough to stay away from the stock.

“I think your fears are overblown,” Cramer said, adding that the iPhone is important for the delta, or growth, of AT&T, but is not so important that they would have to cut their dividend should another carrier get the handset. He believes AT&T will continue to raise the dividend.

Meanwhile, it has been no secret that Cramer likes Proctor & Gamble . So Joe wrote to ask for his thoughts about another company that pays a high dividend – EcoLab. Cramer praised the St. Paul, Minn.-based company, but thinks it is “very high” and recommends selling in favor of PG.

While it remains to be seen what caused the Dow to drop nearly 1,000 points last Thursday, Sam in Tucson, Ariz., shared his theory with Cramer: When the New York Stock Exchange stopped taking trades to alleviate the sudden problem, sell orders started going around the NYSE and did not find enough buyers elsewhere. Those who followed Cramer’s advice and used limit orders were not affected. Cramer agreed with the Arizonan viewer and called limit orders his "only take away" from last week’s debacle at the Dow.

“We use limit orders and we protect ourselves from all these rapacious, high-frequency traders who are not necessarily out to get you, but do drive you out,” Cramer said.

Since the big drop last week, Chris in Minneapolis points out that while the shippers took a beating, the Baltic Dry Index continues to rise. He surmised that the shippers are being affected by supply, but believes a rising index could be a sign of better times ahead. So how would Cramer play the rising Baltic Dry Index via the dry shippers?

“I’m still going to stick with the crude carriers, not the Baltic Dry,” Cramer said. “My favorite, Nordic American Tankers , just instituted a very high dividend, and we own these things for the dividend.”

Speaking of the Dow’s plunge last week, some wondered if fears over the European debt crisis had played a role. Chris in Sacramento, Calif., said he has been accumulating Citigroup at the dips with an average price of $4, but he’s worried about the financial institution’s exposure to the Europe’s ongoing economic problems. Does Cramer expect the company’s quarterly performance to continue to improve?

The Mad Money host thinks people are only buying Citigroup because of pullback from the government, who is driving it down. But he recommended staying with and accumulating the stock.

Lastly, Sue in Wyoming wondered if it is now a good time to invest in lumber. Cramer recommended Seattle-based Plum Creek Timber , which is a real estate investment trust that provides investors a combination of both land and timber. He especially likes its high dividend yield right now.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Apple and Proctor & Gamble.

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