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Scenes From The Political Crisis

Thailand's political crisis has been boiling for several years, but in recent weeks the country's protests have become increasingly violent, with clashes between the Red Shirt opposition movement, pro-government activists and the Thai military.

The turmoil dates back to 2006, when the standing government was overthrown by a military junta following nearly a year of political unrest. Since, Thailand has been in a state of flux, transitioning from martial law into a constitutional government, but has recently been under extreme pressure by anti-government protesters seeking the dissolution of parliament and a round of new elections.

Although protests began in a peaceful way, violence has escalated after clashes between protesters and government troops shut down the commercial centers in Bangkok amid gunfire, leaving dozens dead and thousands wounded.

Click ahead for some of the most dramatic imagery coming out of the political crisis in Thailand.

By Paul ToscanoPosted 19 May 2010

Photo: Getty Images