Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Chiefs: De-Risking for Survival

Managers of the some of the biggest hedge funds in the US are reevaluating their investments and making changes in order to reduce risk.

In exclusive interviews from the SkyBridge Alternatives conference in Las Vegas, three hedge fund managers talked with David Faber about how they plan to navigate the choppy waters of the global markets.

We're 'De-Risking' and Returning to US: Hedge Fund Pro

Michael E. Novogratz, Principal & Director for Fortress Investment Group :
"When the rules change…it gets people nervous," he said. "That starts impacting both investor psychology but also CEO psychology."

Removing Risk Is 'Best Course of Action': Highbridge Founder

Glenn Dubin, Co-Founder & CEO for Highbridge Capital Management:
Germany placing curbs on naked short selling shaked his confidence, equating the move to the U.S. emergency ban on short-selling in 2008, which "sucked confidence out of the market," he said.