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Most Infamous Rogue Traders

Everybody knows that trading carries the risk of losing serious money, but rogue traders are defined by their wildly excessive, reckless, or unauthorized trading habits.

As Jerome Kerviel's trial kicks off this week over trades that cost French bank Societe Generale 4.9 billion euros ($6 billion) back in 2008, history indicates that his kind of rogue activity is more common than you might think. Rogue traders fascinate the public because they tend not to act out of greed. They don't care about money. They care about winning.

Rogue traders routinely breach their trading limits, and frequently concoct elaborate cover-ups to hide their losses. Their activity is in the grey area between civil and criminal illegality for the reason that the trader is a legitimate employee of a company or institution, yet enters into transactions on behalf of their employer without permission.

So who are the world's most infamous rogue traders? Click ahead to find out!

By Barbara StcherbatcheffPosted 8 June 2010

Photo: Getty Images