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17 Ways To Clean Up The Spill

With the Gulf of Mexico oil spill now the worst in US history, public pressure is growing on BP to contain and remove the ever-spreading slick. There are numerous potential cleanup methods, some that are already being used and others that are... well, rather non-traditional.

BP has said it had received nearly 10,000 suggestions on alternate cleanup methods by the end of May and is seriously looking at 700 of them. With estimates of the total spilled so far ranging from around 700,000 barrels to over 2.5 million barrels, it will be a massive job.

So, what are some of the techniques—both traditional and non-traditional—that could be used to clean up the oil spill? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano and Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 9 June 2010

Photo: Getty Images