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Sun Valley Media Moguls & Power Players

The Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference is the biggest annual gathering of media moguls.
From television and film to video games and the Internet, industry leaders mark their calendars for this event. They meet and greet, eat and drink, and most importantly, discuss deals.

Disney's acquisition of Cap Cities/ABC, the AOL-Time Warner merger, and Comcast's pending purchase of a controlling stake in NBC Universal from General Electric (CNBC's parent company) all were hatched, encouraged, or negotiated during secret meetings at Sun Valley.

2010 is no different, as veterans such as John Malone and Jeffrey Katzenberg mix and mingle with newcomers that include Mark Zuckerberg and Dennis Crowley.

Click ahead to see images of some of this year's Sun Valley power players.

By Ed Kosowski
Posted 9 July 2010

Photo Credit: David Grogan, CNBC