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A New Business Model: Break Everything!

Here’s a brilliant trend to capitalize on in this tough economy: Rage.

Tim Flach | Stone | Getty Images

People don’t have a lot of money to spend right now, but there’s certainly no shortage of rage.

So the Shenyang mall in China opened a special store specifically designed to help customers vent their frustration, the People’s Daily reports. It looks like a house — a living room, a bedroom, etc. — and when you walk in, they hand you a bat and let you smash whatever you want.

You can smash the television. Break a mobile phone. Throw plates. Punch bean bags.

And, the best part — if you spend at least 38 yuan (US$5) in the mall, you can smash all that stuff (which is second hand, by the way) … for FREE!

But sorry, Mel Gibson— you’re going to have to take your bat-wielding rants elsewhere — this store is only for the ladies. There’s a sign out front that says “No Men.”

Hey, look — the dream job of being a fake businessman in Chinais only open to men. What other choice did the ladies have but to retreat to the mall with a bat to smash up a few things?!

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