America's Top States For Business 2010

CNBC's Top States For Business 2010 Countdown—Massachusetts Is No. 5

One of the surprises in CNBC's 2010 edition of America's Top States for Businessmay be that Massachusetts cracked the top five for the first time.

Top States For Business: Massachusetts Is No. 5

The state only made the top ten one other year (2009) and until then had only finished as high as 15 (2008).

In piling up 1375 points this year, Massachusetts finished No. 5.

It was first in one category, second in another and third in yet one more. The state also just missed the top five in a fourth individual category.

Massachusetts was one of just two states to post five top-ten showings. Categories included Access to Capital and Quality of Life.

America's Top States for Business - A CNBC Special Report

On the negative side, the state finished near the bottom ten in two categories, similar to its 2009 showing.

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