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Apple Answers the Big Question


Apple lays the doubts to rest. Earnings of $3.51 is not just above consensus of $3.11, but above even the HIGHEST analyst estimate of $3.47.

Big question: how many marginal customers were lost from the iPhone antennaegate imbroglio? Answer: not many. 8.4 million iPhone was at the high end of most analyst expectations.

iPad sales at 3.27 million were also excellent.

Pleasant surprise: 3.47 million Macintoshes sold.

Even guidance was a bit stronger than usual. Q4 guidance of $3.44 is well below analyst expectations of $3.82 — while they always lowball the estimates, this is slightly higher than they normally give relative to estimates--it would have been around $3.35 if a typical pattern was evident.

Apple up at least 3 percent in after-hours trading.

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