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Lindsay Lohan & The Funny Business of Insurance

Lindsay Lohan's booking photo.
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Lindsay Lohan is in the clink, and she's apparently not handling it well.

Can't blame her. Who would?

However, news reports claim she's already landed a seven-figure post-jail interview. If true, not bad pay for what will probably be two to three weeks of no cigarettes or makeup. Or freedom.

Lohan may need that money.

She could have a very difficult time getting work as an actress because she's nearly uninsurable. Producers may not be able to buy coverage to make up for any potential losses if Lohan fails to show up for work or otherwise disrupts production.

But what about her auto insurance?

In what may be one of the more obscure tie-ins to the Lohan saga, the Insurance Information Network of Californiaran some numbers on what it might cost Lohan to legally drive in California.

"The big picture is that all of us can learn from her mistakes," says Pete Moraga of the IINC. He says with a clean driving record, based on Lohan's age and neighborhood, car insurance would cost her about $2,100 every six months.

Most companies, especially the majors, would not even touch her."
Insurance Information Network of California
Pete Moraga

Problem is, Lohan doesn't have a clean driving record.

Moraga says she has two DUIs and an at-fault car crash. Factoring in those, "that same policy would cost her a whopping $7,408.90, and, worse yet, she would only have access to less than 10 percent of the companies in California offering auto coverage. Most companies, especially the majors, would not even touch her."

If she really does get paid over a million dollars for an interview once she's freed, Lindsay Lohan can afford to pay someone else drive her around.


A couple of Friday funny business lites.

First, the video of the week!

Let's hope this Florida television station has the appropriate insurance to cover the costs of a collision between a bounding news reporter and a teenager...on live television.

Secondly, you'd better buy travel insurance if you put these "cheeky" suitcase stickerson your luggage because, believe me, you're going to be pulled out of line and miss your flight.

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