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Will Senate’s Energy Bill Pass the House?


Finally, Cramer seems to be getting what he wants from Washington, at least when it comes to natural gas.

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Energizing Profits?

On Tuesday night, the Democrats announced a slimmed-down energy bill, and rolled into it was the NAT GAS Act, which includes over $4 billion of new incentives for the adoption of natural-gas-fueled vehicles. Regular viewers of Mad Money know how adamantly Cramer has been calling for just this kind of legislation, as he sees nat gas as America's best chance to eliminate its dependence on foreign oil.

But even if the bill makes it through the Senate, and a vote is expected as early as next week, the legislation still will need to be reconciled with a bill in the House. That’s why Cramer invited Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., onto Mad Money.

The lower chamber’s fourth-ranked Democrat co-sponsored the NAT GAS Act, and he also is on the Ways & Means Committee, which currently is reviewing the Domestic Manufacturing and Energy Jobs Act of 2010. This bill would make major investments in clean-energy jobs, Cramer said, in addition to providing tax incentives for natural-gas vehicles.

So what exactly is the likelihood that the energy bill will pass? Watch the video of Cramer’s interview with Larson to find out.

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