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Ebooks Are More Than Just Words

The Nook e-reader
Source: barnesandnoble.com

Today’s best reading is the New York Times article about the new adventures of reading a book.

Yeah – reading a book!

When we now read a book – and I’m talking about reading on an E-book, not those old-fashioned paper ones - the experience is all about going beyond the words

E-books can now take us on a digital journey enhancing the author’s story. “It’s a wide-open world” according to Molly Barton director of business development for Penguin who was interviewed for the story.

Here's an example from the articleof what reading is now like on E-books:

“Grand Central Publishing, part of Hachette, released an “enriched” E-book version of Mr. Baldacci’s latest novel, “Deliver Us From Evil,” in April to coincide with the hardcover release. The E-book producers borrowed from the film industry and included “research photos taken by the author, deleted scenes from the manuscript, an alternate ending and other special features.”

And how's this for timing? Today Amazon announced it's launching a cheaper, wireless-only Kindle next week priced at $139 in hopes that it will slow some of the growth from competitor Apple's iPad .

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