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Analyst Watch: Buy These Stocks Into Market Weakness


US stock index futures pointed to a lower start on Friday as investors stayed cautious ahead of U.S. GDP data.

U.S. economic growth likely slowed in the second quarter as a capital investment drive by businesses was sated by imports and consumer spending tapered off, a government report is expected to show.

Here's what guests on today's Squawk on the Street are watching before the opening bell:

Buying Into Weakness

"Last month we were buying into the double dip talk, but as valuations have moved up here we have become less bullish," says Alan Lancz, president of Alan B. Lancz and Associates, and the editor of the Lancz Letter.

Companies he would still buy, particularly into weakness include:

Tupperware Brands
With 86 percent of revenues abroad with the majority of those from faster growing emerging markets, Tupperware won't be negatively influenced by a U.S. slowdown, Lancz says. Good dividends growth,improving balance sheet and a cheap way to participate in emerging markets, he says.

WMS Industries
This leader in gaming technology has good long term prospects with new product cycle combined with municipalities looking for new revenue sources, Lancz says. Buy into weakness in earnings/guidance next week, he advises.

H&R Block
Lancz likes it because of its nearly 4 percent dividend yield and the company is using cash flow to buyback up to 20 percent of market cap at current depressed levels.

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