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Hedge Fund Trade Of The Week: Crown Castle


Where’s the fast money finding opportunity? In this regular feature Anthony Scaramucci aka The Hedge reveals his latest greatest pick!

This week’s trade is long Crown Castle.

What does he like about it?

- Wireless Tower Operator

- Potential REIT Conversion

- Strong Industry Dynamics, Good Earnings

- 23% Owned By Hedge Funds

”This is one of those cellular tower plays,” he explains.

Fundamentally Scaramucci thinks the company is looking at strong demand “We’re going to need a ton of new towers and more data transmission with things like the BlackBerry Torch and the iPhone,” he says.

Also he thinks profits will get a boost on speculation the company may convert to a real estate trust. “The reconversion of this company when they move to a REIT format will have very positive tax implications.”

And Scaramucci likes that the smart money is in this name. ”It’s owned by SAC Capital, Och-Ziff owns it and Blue Ridge owns it,” he says

That’s why Crown Castle is the Hedge Fund Trade of the Week.

Hedge Fund Trade of the Week

* Anthony Scaramucci runs SkyBridge Capital, a leading alternative asset manager with more than $7 billion under management. Every week on Fast Money, Scaramucci, aka 'The Hedge', takes you behind the hedges, giving you an unprecedented look at the names getting the most chatter amongst the hedge fund community.

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