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High-Profile CEO Exit Packages

Hewlett-Packard’s former CEO Mark Hurd stepped down on Aug 6 after a public relations nightmare involving falsified expense reports and sexual harassment allegations. He didn’t, however, leave empty handed. Hurd is walking away with a severance package worth more than $30 million.

Multi-million dollar parting gifts for CEOs are not uncommon, even when the chief executives leave the company under less-than-pleasant circumstances. CNBC asked executive compensation research firm Equilar to calculate the dollar value of some of the most high-profile golden parachutes.

To get the severance package total, Equilar included the disclosed amounts received by each person including any bonuses paid out as part of the separation agreement. The firm also included the deferred compensation and pension benefits found in the proxy statement. The "stock price change during tenure” figure was calculated by CNBC and has been adjusted for dividend payments.

Click ahead to find out which executives made the grandest exits.

By Brooke Sopelsa
Posted 10 Aug 2010