iPhone Users Score Top Marks In Sex Survey


There was a time not that long ago that the BlackBerry was part of the image of the Alpha Male.

Apple iPhone 4
Emmanuel Dunand | AFP | Getty Images

No longer.

A new surveyfound that iPhone users dominate their BlackBerry and Android toting peers when it comes to one very important category: number of sexual partners.

The survey by the dating website OkCupid found that male users aged 30 had an average of 10 sexual partners if they used an Apple iPhone, compared with eight for RIM's Blackberry users and six for Google's Android users.

The results are even more pronounced with women. The average number of sexual partners for a 30 year old female iPhone users was 12.3 partners.

BlackBerry women came in with 8.8. The Android's females had just 6.1 partners.

The survey used 30 year olds to eliminate data skewing from differences in ages between the users of the different products. But similar patterns of sex correlating with different smartphones show up for all ages.

The survey was conducted by comparing OkCupid user answers to surveys with data from profile photos they submitted to the site. Those photos typically contain hidden data that reveal the equipment used to produce them.

Of course, it's not clear whether using the iPhone leads to more sexual partners or if the iPhone is just more attractive to the types of people likely to have more sex. Perhaps the Android's users are just more discerning about their sexual partners.