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Yankees' Cano Scoring Marketing Deals


In an infield that includes Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixiera, it’s easy to overlook Robinson Cano. But the 27-year-old Yankees second baseman is finally reaping the rewards of being a pinstripes mainstay.

Cano Robinson
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The Agency, a New York-based sports marketing firm which represents Cano for marketing, has forged agreements for him with four companies.

Cano’s most recognizable spot might be in a new Nike spot that he recently filmed. Cano also signed on with MasterCard as part of the credit card company’s upcoming “Priceless” promotion in which Cano will visit with a lucky cardholder.

Cano recently shot a spot for Bing Mobile that will run in New York City taxis and he’s also agreed to a deal with Cameostars, a company that allows consumers to buy greetings by celebrities on social and mobile networks.

“Robinson is a bona fide superstar and he’s appealing to companies in part because he comes in at a lower cost of entry than an A-Rod or a Jeter,” said The Agency partner Russ Spielman.

Cano, whose career batting average is .310, has been a consistent everyday player for the Yankees for the last six seasons. In 2008, he signed a four-year, $30 million contract with the team.

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