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Transports Flashing Bullish Signs: Analyst

What are the transports saying about the economy? Donald Broughton, managing director and senior transportation analyst at Avondale Partners, shared his outlook.

“[Although] July was a little softer than June…all the goods flow continues to tell us that we should be optimistic and hopeful about what the economy portends for the fall and next year,” Broughton told CNBC.

Broughton said intermodal (the use of more than one mode of transport), railroad carload, and forest/lumber carload volumes all constitute a bullish sign for domestic retailing and trucking.

“Right now, international containers are in a worldwide shortage,” he said.

“We’re seeing a large surge in containers flowing in through the ports around the US, and that’s why we’re seeing intermodal volumes domestically so strong. Because they’re moving those containers from the ports to the warehouses and retailers around the US," said Broughton.

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  • Broughton's Previous Appearance on CNBC (Jul. 1, 2010)

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