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What's On: The Future of RIM, Hotel Stocks on the Rise


Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

-- A big day for big earnings.  On our list, Deere, Target, and BJ's Whole Sale Club.  The market is watching these three players closely and so are we.

-- Also this morning, Research in Motion.  Has this one time tech darling had it?  Prices on the new Blackberry are already getting cut.  Are those other smart-phones, like Apple's i-Phone simply too much for the Blackberry?  We want to know what you think on that one, so go vote in this morning's Street Poll.

-- And, how corporate America is now watching you, more than ever.  Every click you make, every keystroke you take, they're watching you and your family like never before.

-- Plus the hotel stocks, on the rise. We'll tell you about companies like Starwood, Marriott, Choice Hotels International and Wyndham all seeing a big surge.  Plus the utilities, there may be some room still left to run as temperatures stay hot, hot, hot.  On our list, Pepco, CMS Energy and Progress Energy.  Should they be on your list?

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