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Elizabeth Warren, Rap's "New Sheriff"

Elizabeth Warren
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Wall Street's gotten a bad rap.

Here it is

In a hilarious video called "The Main Street Brigade Presents a Sheriff Warren Rap", Ryan Anthony Lumas — who reportedly has a day job at Best Buy — raps, "Elizabeth Warren, we got your back." The video is part of a campaign to have the Harvard professor head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "Got, got, got a new sheriff!" declares the song, as Lumas raps that Warren is immune to greed and is "about working class families". There's even a shout out to Warren's home state of Oklahoma. Marketplace reports the video was funded by movie composer Hans Zimmer. The video got a lot of attention after being promoted by the pro-Warren groupAmericans for Financial Reform.

Ok, Eminem or Kanye this is not...which is maybe a good thing.

Still, the video may be very effective. It's one thing to have Barney Frank pushing Warren as the new consumer czar. Banks are used to Barney Frank trying to scare them. However, a rapper in a cowboy hat dancing around (sort of) and touting Warren as someone who will "get rid of unnecessary fees" may generate buzz among a group far more threatening than Congress: Consumers.

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