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Safest Bank: Shizuoka Bank (#50 Overall)

Japan Banking Industry Stats
Size: $9.54 trillion
Key Interest Rate: 0.10%
Number of banks: 145*

Shizuoka Bank enters into the rankings as the 50th safest bank in the world, and safest in Japan, according to Global Finance. The Japanese Bankers association lists Shizuoka’s total assets at 108.11 billion as of Sept 2009, making it Japan’s third largest regional bank by assets.

The bank operates 167 branches and 23 sub-branches, catering to domestic customers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Shizuoka, in addition to overseas customers in New York, Los Angeles, Burssels, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

According to the company, the Bank's capital adequacy ratio is 14.12% on a consolidated basis and is one of the highest ratios among Japanese banks. The bank’s Tier I ratio was 13.76%, which is higher than the BIS standard of 8%. Shizuoka has a market cap of approximately $5.66 billion.

*Includes city banks, regional banks, member banks of the Second Association of Regional Banks, trust banks and bank holding companies.

Banking Industry Statistics: Financial Services Agency, Japan Bankers Association