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Who's Next? 3 Possible Tech M&A Targets


The battle for 3Par continues as Hewlett-Packardraised its bid for the data storagecompany on Friday. This comes after rival Dell matched HP’s previously increased bid. Does this signal more mergers and acquisitions in the tech space — and how can investors benefit? Matt Bryson, analyst at Avian Securities, discussed his insights.

The Next 3Par

“What the large OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are trying to do is address the changing environment in hardware and data center," Bryson told CNBC.

Bryson said 3Par’s competitors all play in slightly different spaces, which Dell and HP have already tried to address organically or through different acquisitions. Therefore, those competitors wouldn't be likely takeover alternatives, he said.

Instead, Bryson said other companies that fit into the networking area, such as Brocade and Juniper, are possible acquisition targets.

“So I think that’s the better place to look for the next round of takeovers," he said.

Possible Targets:

Brocade Comm.

Juniper Networks


3Par Competitors:

CommVault Systems

Isilon Systems

Compellent Technologies

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Bryson does not own shares of CVLT, ISLN, CML, BRCD, JNPR, QTM, IBM, EMC or HIT.