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$85,000 Water Toy?


Messy desks , flabby arms , cheesy lines , we've covered all kinds of funny business lately.

But nothing may top this. Or cost more.


Funny Business product of the month!

The Seabreacher!  

To the cool beat of some light pop, sit back and enjoy this video for...a terrifying-looking submersible designed to look like a Great White shark!

Wouldn't the theme from "Jaws" be more appropriate?

This thing is gonna scare the kids right out of the water.

The Seabreacher is made by Innespace Productions, where "our purpose is to bring the unique experience of underwater flight to waterways around the world by building exciting, safe, and reliable submersible watercraft." The shark-shaped Seabreacher will even do 360-degree rolls in the water.

The custom-made craft can cost as much as $85,000, and measures 16.5 feet long (same size as a Great White!). The Daily Mail reports the Seabreacher can jump 12 feet in the air and has a 260 horsepower engine that lets it travel 50 mph above water and 20 mph below.

Who. Would. Buy. This.?

"It's pretty popular in the Middle East, but we've also sold them to clients in Korea and the Caribbean," owner Rob Innes tells the Mail . Not big in America? Hmmm. Maybe Spielberg ruined us to all things remotely resembling a deadly shark.

Forget the Seabreacher.

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

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