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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

New Business Plan For Former Bankers: Get Scantily Clad 20-Something Women to Sell Cheap Shots


Forget the boutique firms and hedge funds. If you're in the banking industry and looking for a new gig, there's now another option: open a shot-girl business.

John Rensten | Riser | Getty Images

At least that's what two former bank analysts are doing for work these days. Bryan Auld, formerly with J.P. Morgan and Dominic D'Aleo, formerly with Bear Stearns now run Dominic D'Aleo, a company that outsources 20-something year-old ladies to sell shots in short-shorts and tight tops at bars in Manhattan.

But don't let the nature of the industry fool you. Auld and D'Aleo take their business very seriously. In fact, they've even written a shot-girl bible for their employees, which is basically a list of rules of best business practices.

My favorite rule, "Never give up and always be the friendliest girl in the room. You're not selling cheap liquor, you're selling flirtation." (That's right girls, the gents aren't buying the watered down watermelon tequila shots because they like the taste.)

Apparently though, the strategy is working, at least for the shot girls.

The ladies are raking in anywhere between $300 to $600 a night, according to Jo Piazza's story in today's Wall Street Journal. And although Auld and D'Aleo refused to disclose just how much their making, they did say they've had a 16% increase in profit since 2007.

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