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America’s Best Cities for Happy Hour

In the midst of a long and stressful work week, many Americans find respite in casual drinks with coworkers. Not only can ‘happy hour’ take the edge off, but socializing with coworkers after office hours can lead to improved team collaboration, productivity and organization.

Although happy hour certainly has its benefits, some cities around the country are significantly more conducive to food and drink specials than others. To get a sense of the most happy hour friendly cities, CNBC.com asked Jeff Khadavi, co-founder of the happy hour listing site GoTime.com, to make his picks on America’s best happy hour cities.

Drawing from GoTime’s database of over 25,000 happy hour listings in over 60 cities nationwide, Khadavi made his selections based upon a city’s total number of happy hours, quality, variety and density of happy hours as well as prevalence of drinking in the local culture and user ratings from GoTime’s website and mobile app.

So, which cities offer the best happy hour scene? Click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 8 Sept 2010

Photo: Nisian Hughes | Stone | Getty Images