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1. Portland, Oregon

Venues offering happy hour: 803
Happy hours per sq mile: 5.5

America’s best city for happy hour, according to Jeff Khadavi of GoTime.com, is Portland, Oregon. Portland’s beer culture runs deep in the city, as it boasts more breweries than any other city with 28 and the city’s visitor’s association is promoting “Beervana” and “Brewtopia” for potential nicknames.

With 803 happy hours listed, it has about half of the happy hours of New York, but at twice the density. According to happy hour listings on GoTime.com, Portland has 1 happy hour for every 724 residents, compared to New York, which has 1 happy hour for every 4,862 residents.

Happy Hour Recommendation
The Hopworks Urban Brewery,an Eco-Brewpub in one of the country’s most eco-friendly cities, offers a selection of all organic handcrafted beers, made with fresh local ingredients. Hopworks runs happy hour from 3-6pm and again from 9pm-close 7 days a week. Other recommendations from GoTime are Bartini,with 95 martinis sold at half-price, and Huber’s Restaurant,which is famous for their Spanish Coffee, although the item is not available on the happy hour menu.

Photo: Eyeliam