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Citi Encourages Female Employees To Act More Like Men if They Want To Be Taken Seriously


Ladies, leave your lipstick at home or you might as well stay at home if you are an employee at Citi.

A list of "What NOT to do" for women professionals was apparently taken from a Citi employees desk and advocates habits women should avoid if they wish to be taken seriously.

The list is taken from the book "Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office," by Lois P. Frankel, but apparently Citi agrees pretty strongly with the rules advocated in the book, seeing as they have apparently taken the initiative to distribute it to some employees.

Blogger David Xia explains how he came by this list:

While interviewing at Citibank, my friend stole something from the office. He doesn’t know why he did it. He just did. When he showed what he filched to friends, some were outraged at Citi, others just found it strange and funny.

The gist of the rules imply that if women do not act more like their male counterparts, they will pretty much never be taken seriously or succeed, thus insinuating that women will be objectified unless men can perceive them more like, well, other men. (Hat tip: DealBreaker)

Citi didn't hesitate in responding to the surface of this flyer. The company's spokesperson Jon Diat sent us the following repsonse.

"Citi has a long-standing commitment to diversity including the advancement of women in the workplace. Citi has several targeted initiatives for this purpose, such as executive leadership training. The material in question is not part of Citi's formal leadership training or Human Resources communications. It appears to have been taken from a published book by a noted author in the field of executive coaching."