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What's On: Taxes, Europe and an S&P Bull

Rebecca White|Producer

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's all about the economy. President Obama is scheduled to hold his first news conference since May, and with the economy and job market not improving as fast as anyone would like, investors will be paying close attention. Find out what Wall Street wants to hear and which policies have the best chance of kickstarting the economy and improving the country's morale.

--Plus, some stock standouts. DuPont is at a two-year high, Autozone keeps hitting fresh all-time highs and why one trader is saying buy a tween retailer ahead of the weekend.

--With the S&P rallying about 6 percent so far this September, can the index hit 1300 before year end? We'll talk to one money manager with $350 billion under his belt who's riding the bull and making his bets now.

--Also this morning, why lumber prices are soaring — up more than 10 percent in a few days.  Could it be a sign the housing market is improving? Or will the higher price of wood derail an already fragile real estate market?

--Then there's the big meeting in Basel, Switzerland, which may deal a bigger blow to the financials than the passsage of FinReg.

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