Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Which Wall Street Banker Is Conspiring To Undermine His Firm’s Review Process?


At a dinner party Sunday night, a young employee at Wall Street bank that we won’t name (yet) regaled her friends with a tale of management misbehavior. It seems the firm conducts annual 360-degree reviews, where junior level employees are expected to review their managers.

The manager in question sent the junior banker explicit instructions on what should be written in his review. This seems to not only violate the purpose of the review but calls up a sticky matter of professional ethics. Should the junior banker do as instructed? Should the manager be reported? Would you trust a junior employee who ratted out his boss?

The junior banker did not turn in the boss. But she also did not follow his instructions. Instead, she just wrote up the review as she would have had none of this had ever happened.